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The Importance of Using Sunscreen

UV radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer and photo-aging, therefore, the daily use
of sunscreen is a must for prevention, especially for us spending time under the hot sun of SW
Florida. Our recommendation is to use sunscreen every day of the year in all the sun-exposed
areas of the body, including the face, ears, neck, chest, forearms, and top of the hands; we also
advise to re-apply it often, every two to three hours. On those days when you are planning to
be at the pool or the beach, remember to apply the sunscreen all over the body at least fifteen
minutes before sun exposure. When selecting your sunscreen, please make sure that it is broad
spectrum, with a 30 SPF or higher, water-resistant, and that contains zinc or titanium. We feel
so strongly about the use of sunscreen that we talk to our guests about it every time they visit
our office. If you need more information about the use of sunscreen, please do not hesitate to
contact Florida Skin Center and we will be happy to provide the best recommendation for the
health of your skin.

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Pediatric Dermatologist in Fort Myers, FL

Anais Aurora Badia MD, D.O, F.A.A.D

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Dermatologist in Fort Myers, FL

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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
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