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Bullous Pemphigoid


75 year old male presented to Florida Skin Center with the complaint of a rash that had started 5 months ago and progressed into blisters on his legs and trunk. He stated the rash is very itchy and had been using over the counter hydrocortisone with no improvement. Two biopsies were performed to confirm diagnosis…




A 19-year-old female presented to Florida Skin Center with dark spots on her abdomen for 4 years. Initially, they were red patches, and over time, grew to be large dark patches. She denied any symptoms, such as pain or itchiness. She did not recall being sick prior to this occurring, although she states she had…

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A 24 year old female presented to Florida Skin Center with a complaint of multiple bumps on her legs for over 1 year. They did not cause her any discomfort, but the physical appearance bothered her. A biopsy was performed and confirmed a diagnosis of Steatocytoma Multiplex. Steatocystoma multiplex is a benign skin condition featuring the…



This 10-year-old female presented to Florida Skin Center with a lesion on her left thigh for more than 1 year. She denied itchiness and pain, as well as trauma to the area. She was treated with antifungals and antibiotics in the past, with no relief. A biopsy was done, which confirmed the diagnosis of a…

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Pitted Keratolysis


44 year old man presented for a normal skin check, and during physical exam was noticed to have many punched out appearing depressions in the soles of his feet. This patient was asymptomatic and had not even noticed the condition. Clinical diagnosis of Pitted Keratolysis was made but visual inspection. Pitted Keratolysis is a bacterial…


Verruca plana


  This 16-year-old female presented to our office complaining of breakouts on her face for 4 years, that were worsening and spreading. These lesions did not hurt or itch. She had tried OTC washes, which did not help. Upon examination, she had close to 100 small skin-toned flat-topped bumps on her face, with the majority…

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Tinea Nigra


  This 66 year old female presented to Florida Skin Center with complaint of a “dark spot” on her index finger for 2 months. It has been consistently growing, but does not cause any itching or burning. She had not tried anything on it before her office visit. A 3mm punch biopsy was performed and…

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Erythema Nodosum


  A 27 year old female presented to Florida Skin Center with complaint of “bumps” on her legs for over a year. She stated they were painful to the touch, itchy, and looked like bruises. A punch biopsy was performed and confirmed this patient had Erythema Nodosum. Erythema Nodosum is a condition that causes inflammation…

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Tinea Manuum


This patient presented to Florida Skin Center with a complaint of a red, circular rash on the back of her left hand that had been there 10 days. She stated the area had gotten bigger and was very itchy. She had not treated the area with anything before presenting to office. A 3 mm punch…

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A 53 year old female patient presented with a raised fluid filled area on her 3rd finger. She stated that is has been going on for 2 months, gets better and worse, and is tender at times. She had not had any treatments to the area before her visit. A mixoid or digital mucous cyst…

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