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Hand eczema

Hand eczema

  This guest is a 35-year-old woman that was seen in our office complaining of extremely dry, scaly, painful, and itchy skin on the hands. Picture 1 shows her hands on her first visit. She was diagnosed with hand eczema and started treatment with steroid creams, vitamin D cream, and emollients. After a couple of…

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  This patient presented to our office with two, elevated and bothersome scars to his shoulder. He was diagnosed with having keloid scars at the visit which is a scar that has become thickened and has grown beyond the boundaries of the original margins of the scar. The most common symptoms related to keloids are…

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Solar Lentigo

This is a 54-year-old female guest that came to our practice asking to have a mole removed from her cheek. She was diagnosed with a “solar lentigo”, also commonly known as an “age spot” or “liver spot”. These lesions are benign areas of hyperpigmentation, usually caused by chronic skin damage due to sun exposure. They…

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Female Pattern Hairloss

This patient presented to our office with long-standing hair loss. She had visited a dermatology provider at another practice prior to visiting us who had advised her that nothing could be done for her type of hair loss. After gathering a thorough history, ordering blood work, and performing a scalp biopsy for further evaluation of…

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Burning Hands

Irritated or burned hands?

  During this pandemic, our practice has seen a great number of guests presenting with irritation on the skin of their hands. In many of these cases, this irritation is caused by the increased frequency in hand washing with harsh soaps and the repeated use of hand sanitizers. These pictures belong to a 64-year-old guest…

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Hair Loss

  A new guest came presenting to our office with a patch of triangular hair loss to her left hairline for more than one year. She stated she had not tried any treatments to the area since it had begun. The area of hair loss was biopsied at her appointment and results came back as…

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Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster

This 83-year-old male guest came to our office complaining of intense itching, pain, tenderness, and burning sensation, on a blistering rash that appeared two days before, on the left side of his chest and back. The guest was diagnosed with “shingles” or Herpes Zoster Virus (HZV). This condition occurs on people that had previously had…

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Raynaud’s phenomenon?

What is Raynaud’s phenomenon?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a temporary reduction in blood supply to the finger tips or toes, most commonly associated with cold temperature. Raynaud’s can be separated into primary Raynaud’s phenomenon and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon. Primary indicating there is not an identifiable cause besides an over exaggeration of response to cold temperature and secondary as a result…

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Supernumerary nipples

Supernumerary Nipples

We recently saw a 53-year-old male that presented with growths on both sides of his torso. He said he remembered having these lesions all his life and never having any issues with them, but he was curious to know what they were. He was surprised to hear that his small growths were the most common…

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