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Why skin needs moisturizer & other skincare facts from your Fort Myers FL skin specialists

Skin moisturizer importants From Dermatologists In Fort Myers Fl

Thirsty skin doesn’t look so great. Dehydration makes wrinkles look worse and sucks the glow from your skin. It also aggravates pimples. The benefits of skin moisturizer aren’t limited to looks alone. Dr. Badia and her team of skilled dermatology providers in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Lehigh Acres FL discuss the far-reaching health effects of moisturizer. Why skin needs moisturizer As your body’s largest organ, skin has many vital functions, from protecting muscles and bones to regulating body temperature. Skin naturally contains beneficial substances, including hyaluronic acid that maintains moisture, and oils for a supple appearance and soft feel. … Continue reading

Fort Myers, FL dermatology providers cut through myths about mineral vs chemical sunscreens

Fort Myers, FL Dermatologist recommendation for sunscreens

While friends and family in other parts of the country are experiencing frigid temperatures and gloomy skies, we’re enjoying all the Sunshine State has to offer. While sun protection is necessary even on overcast days, there is a special responsibility with living in a place that’s sunny almost three out of every four days of the year. Florida’s rate of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is second only to California. While it’s unwelcome news to lead the rest of the country in this way, the good news is that 90 percent of these skin cancers are preventable, which aligns … Continue reading

Board-certified dermatologist in Cape Coral talks about growth factors in skin care products

Image Of A Woman Ricing Her Hand

Professional rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling, and laser resurfacing give your complexion a youthful boost. You can maintain those results with a personalized skin care regimen. Dr. Anais Aurora Badia, recommends skin care products with growth factors for her male and female patients in the Cape Coral area.  Understanding growth factors  Growth factors are proteins that stimulate and regulate cellular growth and tissue healing. How do growth factors in skin care products help Cape Coral patients enjoy younger-looking complexions? In physician-quality products, they help to maintain firm, elastic skin quality by stimulating new collagen synthesis. Daily anti-aging skin … Continue reading

What can Botox fix? Doctor in Fort Myers, Florida explains the uses of Botox injections

Florida explains the uses of Botox injections

After the age of 30, the skin begins to naturally lose its stores of collagen and elastin, resulting in volume loss and skin laxity. This causes fine lines, wrinkles, and folds to form in the skin. When patients have these imperfections, they may feel as though they are aging faster than they should. Instead of just letting the signs of aging creep up on you, take control! Fort Myers, FL area patients are welcome to ask Dr. Badia of Florida Skin Center about Botox injections. What can Botox fix? We’ve all heard of Botox, but many of us do not … Continue reading

Fort Myers, FL area dermatologist uses laser treatment for nail fungus

Dr. Anais Aurora Badia of Florida Skin Center at Fort Myers uses laser treatment for nail fungus

Nail fungus can be a difficult thing to deal with. Patients in the Fort Myers, FL area often feel embarrassed about their feet and hands if nail fungus is present. Our professionals at the Florida Skin Center can provide effective treatment with the use of laser therapies. What is nail fungus? Fungus can infect the nails, with the most common type being the Trichophyton species. Nail fungus causes toenails and fingernails to become extremely thick, discolored, and misshapen. When this happens, it is important to consult a dermatologist to discuss treatment options, including laser light therapy. What causes nail fungus? … Continue reading

Fort Myers, Florida area patients ask about the benefits of dermaplaning treatment

Dr. Badia of Florida Skin Center discuses about the benefits of dermaplaning treatment

Patients who have heard of dermaplaning and how great it can be for their skin are often interested in speaking with Dr. Badia of Florida Skin Center to discuss the benefits of this treatment. Patients in and around the area of Fort Myers, Florida are welcome to schedule a consultation appointment to find out more! What is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a procedure in which a specialized tool is used to carefully remove the upper layer of dead skin cells. This procedure is painless. It is also great for removing fine hairs on the skin, called vellus hairs. The procedure is … Continue reading

Effective treatment for excessive sweating in FL practice

Treatment for Sweating in FL, girl worrying about sweating

Patients struggling with excessive sweating of the underarms in the Florida area are often self-conscious about their condition. Also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can be a genuine problem for those who experience it every day. It can ruin clothes—and confidence! Dr. Aurora Badia of Florida Skin Center offers treatment for hyperhidrosis at her dermatological practice for new and existing patients. What is hyperhidrosis? Excessive sweating is caused by overactive sweat glands. Patients can be comfortable or even cold and still break out in a sweat. Traditional antiperspirants are not effective against this problem. Patients may find they are changing … Continue reading

Using polypodium fern as an addition to sun protection in Southwest Florida

woman in garden

When it comes to sun protection, many patients in Southwest Florida are unaware of the benefits of integrating polypodium fern into their skin protection routine. What is polypodium fern? Polypodium fern, or polypodium leucotomos (PL) is a plant that is native to the areas of South and Central America. While commonly used as an herbal medicine and as a tea, it has been found to have medicinal benefits including sun protection. It is known as an “internal sunscreen” that is taken orally instead of topically. Some patients even find it can benefit other skin conditions such as: Vitiligo Psoriasis Atopic … Continue reading

Danger of at-home treatments for Southwest Florida residents

Danger of at Home Treatments

Dr. Anais Aurora Badia of Fort Myers, FL is a dermatologist who provides exceptional care. Her practice encourages patients to visit with a professional when considering technologically-advanced treatments. This is due to the unknown dangers of at-home treatments often performed by patients on their own body with negative results. Why you should have treatment done by a professional While there are products available on the market that tout the ability to provide professional results, many of these come with dangers. A perfect example is one of our clients who visited our practice after using an at-home laser treatment to remove … Continue reading

Healthy skin tips for Fort Myers residents

Dr. Badia gives Healthy skin tips

You exercise, eat right, and take care of your body. Now it is time to protect your skin as well. Dr. Badia and the team at Florida Skin Center are offering healthy skin tips for residents in South West Florida. Wear sunscreen daily on all skin that gets sun exposure! It is necessary to wear sunscreen daily. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is water resistant and has an SPF of 30 or higher. Be sure to reapply every 1-2 hours for optimal protection. Sun exposure increases the risks of: Skin cancer Premature aging of the skin Dull, damaged skin Use … Continue reading


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